Stop the Comcast / Time Warner Cable Merger

Comcast is seeking FCC permission to merge with Time Warner Cable. This would result in a giant corporation with control of around half of the high-speed Internet access market in the country -- an unprecedented consolidation of internet providers’ power over their customers’ ability to access what they want over the internet, when and how they want.

Sign our letter to the FCC and tell them to deny this merger. These petitions will be submitted to the public docket at the FCC and your name, city, and zip code are required for submission.

Dear FCC,

I am writing to voice my opposition to the proposed merger between Comcast and Time Warner Cable, an unprecedented consolidation of the Internet marketplace that would harm the public interest and should be blocked by the FCC. 

To allow Comcast to merge with Time Warner Cable would create a giant corporation that controls around half of the truly high-speed Internet access market. If approved, this merger would be detrimental to consumers, competition, and the entire Internet ecosystem.

In an Internet marketplace where consumers already face little choice between high-speed broadband providers in their areas, this merger would only worsen the degree of nearly monopolistic power over consumers these companies already wield.  Cable companies, and Comcast in particular, are infamous for their poor customer service, high prices, hidden fees, and inflexible pricing tiers. This merger would make things worse.

Furthermore, Comcast and Time Warner Cable produce programming as well as provide distribution. After buying Time Warner Cable, Comcast’s ability and incentive to discriminate in favor of its own programming and online services would increase. Policymakers should also bear in mind that with such a lock on the nationwide broadband market, the effects of Comcast’s actions would be felt by all Internet users, not just its own subscribers.

Approving this merger even with conditions would not be an effective way to regulate the many harms that Comcast could cause with this level of market control and influence in pay TV, programming, advertising, and other markets. Conditions will eventually expire, even while the harms they exist to mitigate persist.  Comcast’s overwhelming control over the marketplace would make it the gatekeeper of the Internet Age. The FCC should block this merger completely and continue to encourage competition, not consolidation.


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    As a current Comcast customer, I am very unhappy with the constant rate increases (multiple times per year), and the poor equipment and service. Actually, the equipment and service are reprehensible rather than poor. Comcast needs more competition, and not less, or these unacceptable problems will only get worse.
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    Sign the petition: Stop the Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger and prevent Comcast from becoming YOUR gatekeeper.
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    Both Comast and Timewarner (by themselves autonomously) are waaaaaaaaaay far too big to merge into one single corporate entity!
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    Sign the petition: Stop the Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger and prevent Comcast from becoming YOUR gatekeeper.
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    Are you kidding me?
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    this will not result in lowering prices.
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    Enough is enough!!!
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    Sign the petition: Stop the Comcast / Time Warner Cable merger and prevent Comcast from becoming YOUR gatekeeper.
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    Last year…my cable has shown three movies, over, and over, and over,and over … but they switch them to different channels, in order to force people to upgrade to a movie channel…. Men in Black, The Green Mile, Braveheart….over and over and over. These people are crooks!!!!!!
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